How people get big on Youtube

Youtube is revolutionary website that changes the way access media

How people get big on Youtube

Youtube, bringing free entertainment for everyone

How people get big on Youtube
Youtube is one of the most known and visited websites and is the leading video streaming site in today's Internet generation. It only requires a flash player to function on your browser and no other softwares or installations are needed. Users can also download it as an application on their gadgets and use it conveniently on the go. Youtube contains a wide range of entertainment opportunities in the form of music videos, covers, videologs or vlogs, comedy shows, short movies, documentaries, language and how-to lessons as well as full-length movies.
Flashback to the 1990's when we could only watch music videos on TV channels such as MTV. Now, official music videos are being uploaded straight to Youtube by commercial and independent recording companies themselves, in high definition format nonetheless. We've moved on from requesting MTV hosts to play our favorite music videos and tuning in for a slim chance they'll get to read our letter. On Youtube, we can now play any of our favorite music videos countless of times when we want to and where we want to. As a result, music videos have now become famous and covers by fans which involve lipsyncing, instrument playing or acoustic rendering have also found a new audience. Even when these amateur musicians do covers terribly, we call them comedians. If they garner enough attention, they become Youtube sensations: Sam Tsuis, Kurt Schneiders or Justin Biebers.
If music is not your thing, there's always an infinite number of other entertainment forms on Youtube. One would be video logs or a video version of a blog. Another would be comedy shows such as the Annoying Orange, Just for Laughs, and those by stand-up comedians in the likes of Mitch Fatel. Additionally, one could also leisurely watch short films by aspiring production teams such as a personal favorite, Wong Fu Productions. Their videos span a wide range of genre: romantic stories, comedies, inspirationals and everything else in between. If you're on Youtube for long, there are also documentaries and full-length movies, as well as language lessons and how-to's if you're interested in educational videos.
Uploading videos on Youtube awards users with more than 15 seconds of fame. It gives them the opportunity to show their talents and gather an audience worldwide as well as a chance to make it big ? all for free. On the other hand, users who stream these videos on Youtube also get hours and hours of entertainment, possibly portable, for free! In this digital age, Youtube has become an efficient platform where aspiring script and song writers, singers, movie makers, artists, celebrities and personalities meet their audience. It gives these users the opportunity to make it big despite economical or geographical constraints.

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