How people get big on Youtube

Eliminating awkward videos by choosing the check boxes next to them and by clicking Remove can totally delete watch history from YouTube. .

How people get big on Youtube

How to Delete Watch History from YouTube

How people get big on Youtube
Today, YouTube offers thousands to millions of videos to all Internet users, from movie trailers to music videos and among others.
YouTube has been a great website for people who loved to watch anything online. TV shows, movies, prank videos, music videos and many other kinds of videos are all available in this website. Of course, you may not be aware, but YouTube can save all the history of videos you already watched. Thus, if you want to delete all the histories you browse from this site, then here are some tricks to do.
It looks like that with the recent update of Google+, YouTube has busy its finger off of the pause button with regard to you history of videos you watched. This website can trace any video you watch, providing a useful list if you want to return to a certain video you unclearly recalls viewing it earlier. If you had this feature paused before the update of YouTube this month, the history of the videos you watched is once again on the roll. Your watch history is available only from your YouTube account, but that does not mean your family or friend using your computer cannot unintentionally learn your obsession in watching various kinds of videos. Therefore, now is a best time to evaluate your history management options. To see your watch history on YouTube, you can click the History link on the upper-left menu you see on your screen. You can delete the whole history by clicking the button of Clear All watch history at the top of the list.
In addition, you can also stop YouTube videos from adding to the list by clicking the button Pause watch history. You can also eliminate, especially the awkward videos by choosing the check boxes next to them, and then you can click Remove. By doing this, you can eliminate all your watch history and you may not feel awkward once the member of your family or your friends discover what you are up to this site. Of course, you do not want to feel embarrass with the personal choice of your videos too.

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